Backend developer for the Simple Simple development team. I developed multiple modules to handle new features, and redesigns of existing sections. Build a few variations of A/B like testing modules that worked with different cookies that the clients clients would have if they subscribed to some of the services offered. There was some work on a node and mongodb application that also handled a type of A/B testing for the front page banner. It also worked with custom encoded cookies to look up the valid content to display for that user.

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Creating a new Ghost theme with gulp.js - Part 1

Installing Gulp

At work we've been using sass lots in our development projects. And through that we have started using gulp.js to compile our sass files. First we need to install gulp.js globally on the server.

sudo npm install -g gulp

When this is complete it should be available to any project on your system.

Settings up Ghost

The guys at work were talking about how they set their blogs up using ghost. At first I didn't really like the idea of using something other than Drupal to run a website but was suprised. It wasn't until another friend was looking to set up a blog that I decided to set it up for her and through that decided to use it myself. This is my experience setting it up.

Getting it ready

On your server you will download ghost to a directory you want it to run from.